Security Program Assessment

You can't improve what you don't know is broken. 

As a part of our proprietary methodology, we will help you define an effective security strategy that aligns with organizational priorities. This exclusive service establishes and ranks a broad range of security priorities which align business strategy with your organization's technical needs.


As an engaged partner, you will gain in-depth knowledge and insight into potential blind spots within your program as well as those threats and risks that impact your organization as a whole.

Cervlon's 4-phase methodology


We help our clients determine the actual problem or need and separate symptoms from actual problems.


We evaluate your current security posture and measure against organizational priorities and regulatory 



We analyze the results of operational assessments, employee workflow studies and current resources available to the security program.


Cervlon delivers

"Best -in-class" solutions that align security and organizational goals while improving overall safety of the organization.

What's the benefit of this approach?

"You get results that accelerate your security program's success and provide the most cost-effective recommendations to improve the safety of your organization."