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Workforce Development

We are People Enablers

We enable people and organizations to realize both their professional & human potential, using cutting-edge training standards to drive, sustain and enhance high-quality performance.

Cervlon Can Provide:


Our custom talent management solutions support your recruiting and hiring process and develop existing teams and drive results over the long term.

Training Program

When it comes to your security department's needs, we'll assist you with designing and building a structured training program from the ground up. 

Custom Instructional

Our talented instructional design team creates engaging solutions that transform training and deliver high-impact learning experiences.

Our Training Philosophy

Learning must be interactive, fun and have sustainable outcomes. It takes 66 days to acquire a life changing or productivity improving habit. We achieve this goal by preparing and presenting well-structured and carefully designed training programs, which will aid employees of all levels in unlocking and discovering their potential for growth and development. 

Our Approach

At Cervlon, our custom training approach is based on the ADDIE model—a systematic instructional design model consisting of five (5) phases:

  1. Analyze – Identify learning challenges, goals and audience needs

  2. Design – Detailed prototypes created with end-user in mine

  3. Develop – Create content and learning materials based on design phase

  4. Implement – Work closely with the team to assist with delivery and deployment

  5. Evaluate – Measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the instruction.

All of our training solutions are subject to discussion and can be tailored to serve the needs of your personnel and organization. Cervlon also conducts Training Needs Assessments (TNA) to identify and confirm the training needs of your team members as the first step in developing a training roadmap.

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