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Crisis & Threat Management

Reactive approaches to threats against your organization is no longer a viable strategy.

Those who intend on attacking, disrupting and ruining the brand of your organization are becoming much more sophisticated and innovative with their attack methods. 

By taking a more disciplined, programmatic approach to discovering and remediating threats and vulnerabilities, you can understand and address the root cause of your weaknesses. Partnering with Cervlon can help you achieve your goals without the burden of maintaining this expertise in-house. 

Our Capabilities

With decades of experience with identifying, analyzing and mitigating threats for world-renowned organizations, our consultants can provide answers and solutions to your most vexing security challenges. This highly skilled group takes a multifaceted approach to threat and vulnerability analysis and exhibits mastery across a broad base of attack methods.

Cervlon Can Deliver

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Workplace Threat Assessment

We can help you  reduce risk to your brand by developing a comprehensive Workplace Threat policy and training curriculum  for your employees and stakeholders.

Worplace Violence Prevention

More than 70% of  organizations have no or insufficient programs and policies in place to combat Workplace Violence.  Cervlon's extensive experience in developing (WPV) programs can be of  significant benefit to you.

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Corporate Security Risk Consulting

Cervlon's risk management experts employ analytical techniques to identify, assess and assist our clients with managing organizational risks, threats and vulnerabilities.

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