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Our Servuces

What We Do

WPV Assessment

We can help you improve the overall effectiveness of your security program through conducting comprehensive site and program studies.

Risk Assessment

Crisis & Threat Management

Our experts have decades of crisis and threat management experience and can assist you in identifying and mitigating system and operational vulnerabilities.

Training Strategy

Workforce Development

We can assist you with developing, designing and deploying a structured training program for your team from the ground up.

Define, Assess, Analyze and Advise

This is how we help you run successful Security Programs

Cervlon is a premier advisory firm focused on providing our clients with best-in-class security performance improvement and cutting-edge Physical Security Technology solutions.

​Cervlon delivers leading solutions for creating a robust safety and security environment with advisory services that include threat assessments, policy review and development, strategic planning, and much more!

Cervlon Areas of expertise

Ready to find out more?

If you are interested in a confidential, independent and a "no judgement" consultation, do not hesitate to the click the "Free Consultation" button below. We will provide you with honest and solutions-based advice. Click or call today!


"My organization has worked with Cervlon on numerous projects and the services provided exceeded our expectations"

W. Brown

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